Our Story

My family loves the outdoors.  And we’re fortunate to live in a city with a climate and environment that enables us to enjoy it year round.   So I’m constantly trying to protect my twins from two things: the harmful rays of the sun, and the ever-present mosquitos that come with living in a tropical environment.  In this daily battle to be safe outdoors, I found myself surprised and frustrated that while there was a variety of options in the sun protection category, mosquito protection still had limited, unappealing options: I could either avoid repellent and let them suffer or slather them with unhealthy chemicals like DEET and worry about the long-term consequences. 

After a little market research I realized that if I could make a product that was both safe for daily wearing, and fun and interactive to use, it would be a win-win: parents would appreciate the safety and utility while kids would love the playful fashion piece.  Surely I am not the only one looking for another option?!  The idea for Buglet was germinating.

I'd been lucky enough to know a wildly creative guy who had once designed watches for Swatch and I knew he could bring the idea to life in a simple, yet playful way. It all started on a notepad in my kitchen...and that same kitchen served as the sticker station for our first 6000 bottles of essential oil (yes, we hand labeled them all!).

While this product was conceived from the desire to protect my own children, we now work hard every day to create a great product so other parents have a safe option for protecting their families (and themselves!).

We hope you love Buglet as much as we love making it!