Protect your kids from nasty bug bites without putting harmful chemicals onto their delicate skin. Buglet is an all-natural, safe and effective, DEET-free “bug bracelet” designed to keep insects away while kids are at play. Buglet is an insect repellent wristband kids will want to use and a timesaver for busy moms on the go.

100% Natural – No harmful toxins or chemicals - Super safe for sensitive skin types - Effectively keeps bugs away during all-day play - Fun colors, characters, and easy “slap-on” design - The scent is generated from 100% natural oils with 100% active ingredients. -The oil, while 100% natural and safe, never touches the users skin! Best of all, with Buglet, you control the strength by reapplying more of our repellent oil as you desire... kids out playing all day, reapply a drop or two... the rains come and nobody is outside all week, no problem, your Buglet can hang out in your kiddos backpack and when (s)he is ready to play, then reapply a fresh drop of oil! It is that easy. - Buglet doesn't contain any harmful toxins of chemicals, like DEET (which is such an effective solvent that it may dissolve some plastics, rayon, spandex, leather, painted or varnished surfaces including nail polish happy rubbing!).