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“Solves one of our biggest problems of bug season.” - Jessica Pallay & Kaity Velez, WellRoundedNY

“Nice product design.” - Jamie Grayson, TheBabyGuyNYC

“Absolute must have for outdoor environments.” - Jennifer Buske, TheBabyGuyNYC



CHARLOTTE, NC -- In today's Zell or Zilch, we are testing out some wrist bands that claim to keep you safe and comfortable this summer.Buglet - Bug repellent bracelet. All-natural mosquito repellent that's a slap on bracelet. Chemical free, not messy or smelly, and refillable. 



Pesky mosquito season is right around the corner, and we have found the perfect and fashionable bug repellent wristband for your little one! The smart momma behind Buglet teamed up with a former Swatch designer to make a super cool slap bracelet that kids will LOVE wearing!

A smart mom has made fending off skeeters fun for kids (and easy for parents) with cute, colorful snap bracelets.

Buglet is a kid-inspired, mom-engineered solution to the never-ending battle between mosquitoes and kids. It's a slap-on bracelet with a cool, collectable animal face that holds a 100 percent natural repellent made of essential oils. The repellent emits a mild scent that is pleasant to humans but disgusting to mosquitoes, so they stay away.

The plant based oil bug repellant has a pleasant smell that repels bugs and lasts all day. My kids reported relief the first day we wore them- which was in the Everglades. They are the perfect solution for an all natural bug repellant and even better for children with sensitive skin since this simply goes on the wristband versus their skin. It’s a solution I wish I had thought of myself- simply genius. 

 The Buglet is comfortable to wear and does not get in the way of any of their outdoor activities.  The Buglet has quickly become a part of our routine to go outside and play.  Shoes….check, sunscreen…. check, Buglet….check.  Time to get outside and have fun!



The repellent oil contains 100% natural oils with 100% active ingredients.  There is zero DEET or harmful toxins in this product. WINNER in my book already---but when my daughter headed out with a friend for a picnic at the State Park I knew it would be the perfect place to give the Buglet a try. She did pack another spray just in case but never took it out of her bag! Went for a half hour walk and no  bug bites!