How to use Buglet?  

What is Buglet?  

Buglet is an essential oil diffusing, re-useable, slap-on bracelet that helps repel mosquitoes and other pesky nibblers.  Each kit includes a slap bracelet (with a pumice stone 'head') and a bottle of repellent oil.  The pumice stone absorbs then diffuses the oil to consistently release scent.  This leaves the wearer in control of the protection level because you can 're-load' the scent as desired.   

Buglet is re-useable so you can keep the bracelet for as long as you wish!  When the essential oil is depleted, simply purchase a replacement bottle.

How does it work?

The directions are simple:

  • DROP oil on tile 
  • SLAP bracelet onto your wrist (or ankle or both)
  • PLAY free of worry!

Reapply when needed (when you think the scent is not strong enough, add more oil - it's that simple).

What sizes does Buglet come in?

One size fits all.

  • Band width: 0.87 inch
  • Band Length: 8.87 inch

Why do mosquitoes bite me?

    • Genetics account for up to 85% of our susceptibility to mosquito bites!
    • Scientists now know that our blood type makes us more prone to mosquito bites.
    • Only the female mosquito bites because they need nutrition to produce eggs.
    • Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide created by increased metabolic rate (as well as levels of lactic acid, uric acid, ammonia and other substances present in your sweat).

Can mosquitoes still bite me when I'm wearing a Buglet?  

Not even chemicals like DEET are 100% effective against mosquitoes.  Some studies even suggest that about 20 percent of people are 'high attractor types'.  

That said, whether you are prone or not prone to bites, wearing a Buglet every day can significantly reduce the risk of mosquito bites. For maximum effectiveness, reapply oil as scent fades.  

As well, you can wear two (an ankle and a wrist) if you feel the bugs / environment is bad.  Placing them on nearby areas, tables, chairs and surrounding areas helps keep them away. You should follow the recommendations of public health authorities for risky areas.

What chemicals are in Buglet?

Buglet does not contain any chemicals.  Our Essential Oils are 100% natural and were designed as a daily wear alternative to the harsh chemicals typically found in repellent products.  

Ingredients: Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Peppermint, Geranium.

Is the essential oil meant to be rubbed on skin?

The essential oil is intended to be dropped onto the pumice tile on the head of the Buglet.  It will absorb in and the scent will diffuse around the person wearing it.  This is additionally beneficial for anyone with skin sensitivities (ie eczema)  or sensory issues (there is no spraying aerosol or rubbing lotion into the skin).  While the oils are not intended to be put on the skin, they are natural and are safe if they make skin contact.  

How long does the repellent last?

All bodies and conditions are different. With that in mind, Buglet was designed to leave you in control of the potency of your repellent. Each kit comes with a bottle of repellent oil and you reapply whenever the scent wanes--it's all in your hands!

Can kids use Buglet?

YES!  This product was designed to be and enjoyed by kids - of all ages! 

*We recommend for children 3+

Can adults use Buglet?


Which Buglet is the cutest?

This depends on what you are wearing. We suggest buying several colors to be sure you/your children are not only protected, but properly accessorizing as well.  You can even switch out the heads to create more personalized looks!

Where can I buy a Buglet? 

  • Buglet is available here, in our online store (click SHOP to see our selection!).  
  • We are available in select Whole Foods stores as well as a variety of pharmacies and boutiques nationally (check in with us if you have a specific question about your area)!