Irresistible Chewy Trail Mix Cookies - Compliments of Oh She Glows August 19 2015

I can't stop.  As much as I try I cannot stop popping these little beauties into my mouth.  I made them for my littles for school snacks...they are Trail Mix Cookies - vegan to boot!  And they are INSANELY good (and I fancy myself a cookie connoisseur).  Found them on Oh She Glows - the BEST!  

They are a little more time consuming than I like and they do require a fair amount of ingredients BUT you can buy most of them in bulk, they freeze perfectly - so double batch and pop 1-2 in your kiddos lunch...or your mouth :-)


As with all cookies, I use a cookie scoop - the littlest one.  Because (1) treats come out uniform looking (2) they will cook evenly (as opposed to 1/2 crunchy, half raw) (3)  Cookies LOOKS prettier when formed with a scoop (4) small cookies mean portion control (which translates to I CAN EAT TWO!)

Finally, PLEASE don't overcook these gems.  Cut the time in half...then set the timer...then check regularly until just golden on the bottom...leaving them a little undercooked means once you thaw them, you can pop them in the toaster and they will taste fresh from the over without risk of becoming crunchy on the inside.