It's all about how you choose to look at it! May 09 2016

Last week I stumbled on this picture.  I was struck by the contrast of my memory of the feeling in that moment (sheer terror: he is so tiny...that wave is so far out are they going?!' ) and my sense of it today, as I view it in my living room with my child safely tucked in bed.   That day, 3 years ago, my then 4-old-son was having the time of his life, feeling invincible (likely coaching his instructor to help him get more air time).  As his parent, my belly ached with worry.  

Three years ago, that moment was overwhelming.  Today I see his bravery and accomplishment: the storm looks less scary, more stunning and the waves seem less dangerous, more invigorating.  Some of this perspective comes with time of course, but some of it comes with choosing to see the possibility in the moment.

This week, I am going to look for all the possibilities in the stormy moments (cause with any business, there are bound to be stormy moments!).  Happy Monday!