How Something You Spray On Your Kids Can Melt Your Car’s Paint. May 16 2016

I found this article last year (or maybe it found me).   While DEET has it's place and in some environments is appropriate, daily use, on our littles does not seem to be that place.  

The DEET within the product — an oily liquid known as diethyltoluamide that mosquitos and other inspects intensely dislike. DEET has been known to destroy the varnish on wooden tables, melt plastics, and even permanently mark TV screens. (One Internet goer claims bug spray with DEET is the perfect solution for a quick headlamp restoration, which is telling to its level of ferocity.)

I created Buglet so my own children would have a safe, non-toxic option for everyday play outside.  The idea of rubbing this into their sensitive little skin (their largest organ!) was terrifying.