Too many hats... May 04 2016

It has been some time since I posted...and I have lots of excuses...please don't judge!  

I have lists.  I have lists of lists.  Some lists I can't find.  Some lists keep growing.  The one common thing on every work list is FINISH THE LIST.  But that has yet to happen (familiar anyone?!).  And it all boils down to wearing too many hats. 

The Distractions:  Someone called the other day and asked for 'do you sell Buglets in my small town?'.  Turns out we do not have any boutiques stocking in that market but I assured her she could order on our site or through Amazon.  She chuckled.  'I am 90 years old...I don't know how that stuff works!'.  Turns out she had read about Buglet in her favorite publication Mujer, and wanted one for herself to enjoy her evenings on her deck.  (13 minutes on phone)

The Learning Curve: EVERYTHING is new.  It's like raising a child.  Once you master one thing (I use the term master VERY loosely) something new and intimidating introduces itself and you can't skip around it and pass it off to someone else - you just gotta figure it out.  (HOURS)

My goal is to find ONE hat at a time and wear it well.  What do you think - is it possible?  Wish me luck!

*In the time I set aside for this post, I have had 3 distracting calls...mostly good but they pulled me away from this.  Oh, and 2 trips to the fridge and one coffee re-heat. (47 minutes)